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tv   News  ABC  July 13, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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i feel so bad for them working in the rain. it's been like 103 degrees or a torrential downpour. >> we'll get it done. you know what, you are going to be out there today. everybody came up, they aren't going to get this done. that's what they do. that's why they are on tv. >> they are good. >> all right, meteorologist, justin burke is -- i think he's on the third floor of the building and lanette charles with the weather. >> i'm doing all the hard work this morning. we are going to be talking about rain showers that are moving out. we like that. so we can get work done. so still unsettled because we will have showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. we do have a break in the action. we have to look at the glass half full instead of half empty. seasonal temperatures as we go through the day. we still could have a few storms lingering through the day and it will be hotter and dryer by the end of the week. so i'm showing you maryland's most powerful radar and the biggest problem is crossing over into delaware as of now.
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we still have a couple lingering showers around the chestertown area, churchhill, and all of this is sliding off to the north and east. things are going to look up. we have a temperature now into annapolis coming in at 73 degrees and by this afternoon, i'm forecasting a high around 87 degrees with showers and thunderstorms and back into the picture. okay, let's talk about the traffic now. good morning, kim. >> good morning. for everyone getting that early start, headed towards the dc metro area. 95 is looking good. if you are traveling to montgomery county, no problems on route 29, headed towards 495. as we look at our area around the baltimore metro, that's frederick road. traffic flowing freely. traffic doing okay around the area. no other issues on any other big roadways. here it is on the northwest side, moving at a very nice pace. 795 looking good as well. as we look at the maps, really just one incident at this time.
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that's going to be out in mount arie. route 144 closed in both directions because of downed trees and wires in the roadway. our drive times are going to be up, because roads are slick. be sure to take it easy. megan and jamie, back to you. >> you would think they would have thought about this before now, put a cap on the pipe to stop the oil leak. looks like a giant fire hydrant, but it will work? here's abc2 news, emily schmidt. >> today, the oil spill containment effort faces a critical test, a physical test to see if the new well cap can withstand pressure of up to 9,000 pounds per square inch. if it does, for the first time, the spill could be contained. >> i'll be happy to see them cap it. we know what we have in the water. >> bp lowered a new cap monday. thad allen updated his facebook status. today, bp will slowly shut down the 150,000 pound system valve
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by valve, hoping the pipe will not spring a leak. >> the danger is, you could over pressurize the pipe and cause it to explode, causing many leaks along the pipe. >> but 85 days worth of oil in the water has led to frustration from fishermen, like darryl monroe. he made claims trying to get a $5,000 check. >> who do i need to talk to to pay my electric bill? i am going to be two months behind now. disgusting. >> he waits for relief while the gulf waits for test results. hoping this may be the beginning of the end of the spill. >> what i hope to see as a test that is very robust that potentially shows us that this containment cap can contain the pressure of the oil. >> after the spill, the obama administration issued a moratorium against offshore deep water drilling. federal courts struck it down. now the administration is trying again with the revised
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policy. it's likely to face a court challenge. abc2 news, washington. around the nation this morning, look at this video of teenagers hiking in san diego got into a tough spot and had to be pulled to safety. the two girls got stuck on the side of a cliff. it took crews an hour and a half to reach the girls, but they did reach them. the girls were shaken up, but otherwise they are doing fine. >> the cleveland cavaliers ripping lebron james has gotten into some deep trouble now. dan gilbert has been fined $100,000 by the nba. the commissioner said the letter was ill advised and while he was not a fan, david stern said that players are within their rights to sign with any team they want. >> all right, it is day four and did it ever pour? let's go live to fleet wood avenue to see the extreme makeover home edition project with our own abc2 news with sherrie johnson. >> they need to give me a hard
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hat out here. but folks out here are working hard, take a look behind me here, we are in northeast baltimore on fleetwood avenue and the crews are working some long hours, trying to build a wonderful home for the girls hope foundation. now right now, you can see some of them are on the roof here. that's where we are paying a lot of attention, especially with the rain and tarp there. yesterday, storms didn't help as well as the rain this morning. but that's not stopping the crew from pushing through to finish this house. this is all a part of the extreme makeover home edition. this home for the girls is the largest project in the show's seven-year history and it is proving to be a challenge. the project manager told us they really want to have the building watertight by this morning. the week long project was already behind schedule by 12 hours because some materials didn't arrive on time. now the roof was scheduled to be in place yesterday, but it wasn't and then that's when the rain came. tarps that covered the roof couldn't handle the strong
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storms, dry wall and insulation had been installed and the project manager just hopes there isn't too much damage inside, but you know what? we caught up with some volunteers who are out here working really hard on this house. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> tell me a little bit about how it's going so far. >> it's going pretty well. the rain did delay us, but we are going to be back on track. of course we will, it's extreme makeover. we always come through at the end. >> that's right. why did you decide to come on out? >> i love giving back to the community. it's a wonderful thing to be able to give the time and help girls who need a chance. >> here you are giving your time, too. you could be out playing, but you are here, that's great. >> we like helping the community with building this for the girls that don't really have that much. >> good job. you guys are working inside the house. i know there is concern with all the rain. how is that looking? >> it's going.
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everybody has come together. it's amazing. there are tons of people working and pushing through this. so you know, everybody is working hard. we are going to get through it. lots of rain, but that's okay. >> positive attitude. persevere, that's great. all right, thank you so much for joining us. good job. so you know, everyone is upbeat. we had rain this morning, they had rain yesterday. everyone is upbeat as you can see and persevering to get through expth build this house for the girls. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> we'll be live again at 9:00 this morning on good morning maryland. on our website, you can see the surprise the minute the girls hope found out as well as up to date information on the build. you can also find out information on how to volunteer for the project all waiting for you on >> i am going to take a bet. not a lot of people will be working today in spain, what do you think? >> the celebration continues.
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now, good morning maryland. >> all right, we have been talking about the wet weather outside. things are starting to get a little bit better. we are going to have the humidity out there as well. we do want to mention, there has been a tornado warning that was issued and that was for north western kemp county, north eastern caroline county in eastern maryland, and extreme south central new castle county in northern delaware. that's until 7:15 a.m. if you are in these areas, you need to seek shelter and i'll talk more about the humidity and dryer times ahead and more on that tornado warning coming up. kim, tell us ability about the
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traffic now. that could just slow you up very, very slightly. also a couple incidents to tell you about, including a water main break and out in western howard county. megan and jamie, back to you. >> leaves the community back here praying this morning. > >> she was supposed to be home by now, but wanted to continue to work. i'm linda so. the serious injuries the teen is now facing. and a baltimore teen already being recruited to play college basketball is layed to rest this morning and police still don't know who shot him. >> and the rain dampen their hard hats, but not their spirits. the extreme makeover home edition. plus, the second best place to live in the country really close to home. we're going to tell you where and what other places in maryland made the list. ñj
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15 minutes away from 7:00. i'm megan pringle for your abc2 news to go. >> the house was shaking, the
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sky was lighting up, it was hard to sleep through this one. >> you can see this video behind us. some areas hit hard because of falling trees. let's send it over to lanette charles. >> we are dealing with some wet weather across the area today, this morning rather. most of it is at it here. we are dealing with a lingering thunderstorm across the eastern shore, that's pushing off to the north and east as well. i'm looking at the 12 hour forecast. it is going to be humid for the day and a chance for showers and thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. let's get a check on the traffic with kim. >> this one is for you. we have a crash reported out in west friendship. also a broken water main in ellicott city. that's going to be old columbia pike and hunt avenue. traffic does get by with alternating road closures. we are looking okay. we'll get a complete check in
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just a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. >> here's the latest on the terror bombings that happened in uganda. a teenager was among those injured when the bombs ripped through a restaurant where people were watching the world cup on sunday. abc2 news, linda so, tells us how the teen is doing this morning. linda. >> emily was badly hurt. we are hearing her leg may have to be amputated. the 16-year-old was on a mission trip with her grandmother. they were supposed to be back the day before the blast, but emily wanted to stay. they spent weeks working at their sister church in uganda and a the a school interacting with kids. on sunday, a suicide bomber attacked outside the restaurant where emily and her grandmother were watching the world cup. her grandmother wasn't hurt as badly. her parents took a flight out yesterday. church members back home say they are worried a about what they are hearing. >> they are trying to give
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blood, you worry about the quality of the blood. i don't want to speculate. >> emily is a student in ketonsville. the school will hold a prayer service wednesday at 1:00. a high school basketball star had his life cut short on the streets on east baltimore. john crowder recently moved back in with his grandmother. it was a move that worried family and friends because of the drugs and violence in that area. last week, the teen was found shot to death in the street. crowder's funeral will be at 11:00 this morning at the church in the 4300 block of old york road. hundreds are expected to be there to say a final good-bye. police are still searching for suspects in his death. 6:48 right now. grand jury indicted baltimore city police officer, shambay, accused of shooting and dilling
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an unarmed marine. he killed tyrone brown back on june 5 after a verbal altercation outside of a nightclub. witnesses told police they saw shombay and brown. officer shombay is being held without bail at the detention center. he will be arraigned next month. 11 minutes away from 7:00. it is going to be a close race. to see who is going to move into the governor's ranch in november. martin o'malley trails bob ehrlich by a small margin. republicans say if they want to take back the house in congress, they have got to win back the first congressional district in maryland. a district represented right now by democrat, frank, it's now said to be leaning towards republican, andy harris.
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in 2008, he beat harris by less than 1% of the vote. now they say 2010 looks like it will be a tough rematch. >> more people that are willing to cross party lines and realize that sometimes the other side has a point and they have a good idea. >> the biggest issue is the economy. people worried about the deficit, the economy, these are issues that i think are going to play on november 2. >> they agree on this. this year it's the economy that will send people to the polls and are hoping the people will send the right person to represent them in washington, d.c. a consumer alert for you this morning, starting today. taking a trip out of the country will cost a lot more. adults will have to pay $135 for their first passport. the renewal fee jumps up from $75 to $110. today is baseball's all star game and we have ty
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willington. the stars have not been realigned since 1997 and that's why the orioles have dropped in popularity. listen to this. according to a harris interactive poll, the orioles are the 20th most favored team in america. the orioles were 9th in 199, 17th in 2009, the yankees, the red sox, the braves went one, two, three. the nationals are number 27. the toronto blue jays were last in popularity. thousands line the streets in madrid as world championship right through the city's historic center. this is the epicenter of the celebration party for the second day in a row now. earlier in the day, the squad was received by carlos and met with the prime minister. they return home to a huge fiesta after beating the netherlands after extra time on sunday. today is day four of the
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extreme makeover home edition build and you are taking a live look at crews as they are starting to work for the day, to make sure the home is done in that shortened line that they have. the project is behind schedule because of heavy rains that we had all day yesterday, as well as problems and materials arriving on time. the project manager is still optimistic that the home will be built in time. this home is for girls hope. it's the largest project in the show's seven-year history. if you like all the details, you can go to our website, you can see all the progress that they are making and you  can also see the moment that girls hope, the school found out that they were going to have this built for them. go to we have volunteer help they need for the project as well. >> if you are watching us this morning, the grass is not greener across the street. you look down, it's green, because you are standing on the green grass. >> it sure is. the city ranked number two in money magazine's best places to
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live in america. the magazine cities basically have the jobless rate. it's low. variety of restaurants, parks, music venues, as a reason why they made the list. it's the only spot in the mid atlantic region to make the top 20. >> the combination of ellicott city and columbia here means we have a great place, great quality of life. now the rest of the country knows what we have known all along. it's a real great honor. >> gaithersburg came in number 25 on the list for its ability to attract startup companies as well as large companies. rockville came in at number 31 for its location. grade schools and economic stability. and if you are curious about a place to live in the country, eden prairie, minnesota. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> okay, just want to give you
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a quick update on the tornado warning in eastern maryland. that moved out of the area. the only tornado warnings now is for north western county and central delaware and also extreme south central new castle county in northern delaware. so if you are going to be in that area, that's what you need to be concerned with. maryland is not dealing with any type of tornado warning as of now. also a flash flood warning that remains in delaware as well. okay, let's switch gears and talk about the highs yesterday. everything is fine here now and we came in at 88 degrees into baltimore. today i'm forecasting around 87. our current temperatures around 74. 57 into richmond. dew points very humid for today. very oppressive feeling, because the dew points, the measure of the moisture in the air are in the 70s. the satellite and radar, not picking up on a whole lot. most of the showers and thunderstorms are moving through the area. we have hefty thunderstorms and this is where the tornado warnings are in effect for
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delaware. maryland looks good and we will be getting a break in the action. what we are waiting for now is for this cold front to move through. and bring in some high pressure. in the meantime, we will be humid. the forecast shows what is going to be happening. we have a chance for showers to linger. just an isolated shower in the forecast. and on thursday, plenty of sunshine moves into the picture. we will be seeing a high around 87 degrees. and that will linger into tonight as well. 80, humid, a little cooler, and by tomorrow, that temperature 91 degrees. maybe a few thunderstorms. all right, kim, how is the traffic? >> well, traffic was doing well, lanette, until you hit the toll plaza, if you are traveling southbound, especially, we have a disabled vehicle that is blocking the entire left lane. you are going to see the police, not even allowing traffic to make its way into that tunnel. we have traffic beginning to
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bottleneck as you have one open tube at this point to make it southbound coming through the tunnel. so you can expect some moderate to significant delays until they get that cleared away. as we take a peek at our maps, we have a couple incidents that we are working around the area. also in ellicott city, a ruptured water main at old columbia pike, that's going to be between montgomery road and main street. you can expect a slowdown there, also one other crash in howard county, route 32 at rose marry lane, back to you. it's a new hope out there for dieters and doctors in the fight against obesity. but first, new weight loss drug in a decade is up for review and the fda just released findings. this relationship if you are a good woman and you love me. i don't believe you anymore. >> mel gibson, more on these tapes that are recorded by his
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